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Best Silicone Tip Tongs, Set of 2, By Chef Frog for Home, Barbecue and Professional Use, Featuring Our “Stay-Cool” Stainless Steel Handle, 9″ and 12″

The Ultimate Silicone Tongs, set of 2, from Chef Frog for Professional Chefs to First Time Home Cooks!

The Chef Frog Tongs are a workhorse in any kitchen from Professional Cooks to first-time home cooks. They are so durable, easy to use, and fashionable that all chefs want this set of Tongs in their kitchens, especially because they made from Food Grade silicone and feature our “Stay-Cool” handle.

The Chef Frog Tongs are…

– For both Professional Cooks & home cooks and backyard Barbecuers

– Made from Food Grade silicone

– Features our “Stay-Cool” handles

– Heat resistant to 450F

– Set of 2 is 13inches and 9 inches in length so as not to burn you when cooking

– Perfect for every day use


– Does not scratch your cookware and long enough to not burn you hands and arms when grilling

– Durable and long lasting


Chef Frog always has been and always will be proudly BPA free. Some of the other Tongs andother kitchen utensils you see on Amazon do in fact contain BPAs which can sometimes be the reason for them being much cheaper in price. To be safe, always make sure the cooking utensils you use are BPA free.

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Product Features

  • SILICONE TONGS WON’T SCRATCH DELICATE COOKWARE – Silicone coated head prevents damage to cookware surfaces
  • HEAT RESISTANT to 450 degrees F/230 degrees C. BPA Free!
  • SILICONE TONGS CAN BE HUNG UP from a hook for easy access – bright colored Lime Green silicone complements any d├ęcor
  • FOOD GRADE SILICONE TONGS are Super Easy to Wash in the Dishwasher.
  • NO HAND CRAMPS when tonging – sleek STAY COOL stainless handle is comfortable to grip for extended periods! Long tongs – 13 inches and 9 inches!