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Cajun Cookbook for Beginners Everyday Cajun Recipes From The Big Easy

Have you always loved Cajun cooking and wanted to learn how to do it in your own kitchen? This book is for you! While reading this recipe collection, your mouth will be watering just thinking of the dishes we have included. We have incorporated Cajun style cooking into:

The Succulent Seafood Section

Juicy Steak Concoctions

Tasty Chicken Creations

Nutritious Vegetable Dishes

Stomach Warming Soups

Home-style Comforting Stews

Last, but not least, Delectable Desserts!

Really whatever you are in the mood for, you can try it out with a bit of Cajun flavor. Also, learn all about where Cajun cooking came from, and how to bring all the flavors together for delicious dishes. This book is great for mom’s looking to spice up their weekly dinners, or anyone who loves to cook and wants to try something new.