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Easy Sweet Potato Recipes

Eat Healthy With Sweet Potato

What is Sweet Potato?

Sweet potato grows through the world, in different and even worst climates, but this simple vegetable has won many hearts, because it is not only tasty but also versatile ingredient.

Sweet potato is one of those great groceries you can use in many dishes, savory or sweet, in salads, soups and as a part of soft and more than delicious breads.

Besides this, sweet potato is very healthy ingredient, rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers and is considered by many athletes, professional and amateur, to be essential power vegetable.

What is in this cook book

In this cookbook you will find recipes for all and even more; you can choose between 25 delicious options for different meals, including desserts, breads, soups, main courses and breakfast.

See Samples Of What Is Inside

Sweet potato breakfast burritos

Sweet potato breakfast muffins

Sweet potato cottage pie

Classic creamy sweet potato soup