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Family Camping Recipes: A Kid Inspired Camp Cookbook for Dutch oven, campfire, grilling, foil packets and more (Cooking with Kids Series 8)

One of the great “back to nature” joys of camping is the experience of cooking outdoors. Somehow, a meal cooked under the stars tastes more delicious than any gourmet feast you could whip up at home.

Of course, camp cooking takes some forward planning, a few safety common-sense precautions and the right equipment. If you dream of cooking over a campfire, make sure you know exactly what you are doing – or take along someone with some experience.

This cookbook includes simple and healthy recipes for your family camping trips including 90 recipes for Dutch oven, grilling, campfire, foil packet cooking, camp breakfasts, desserts, vegetables and more. As well as tips on keeping food safe while camping, a camping checklist and ideas to consider when selecting a good campsite.