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Gyoza & Jiaozi (wrapping video)

Over the lunar new year holiday, my darling wife whipped up some of her signature dumplings for me and the rest of the family to enjoy.

Truth be told, the recipe isn’t hers but an adaptation of a gyoza recipe she learnt from a dear friend. Here’s the link to that recipe. It really is one of the best recipes on this site so I urge you — on behalf of your loved ones who will get to enjoy the fruits of your labours — to take the time to make these.

When she posted a sneak peek at the dumplings on Instagram, several instafriends asked for a quick video tutorial on how to wrap the dumplings. Now, regular readers know we don’t really do videos… but, hey, even old dogs can learn new tricks. Plus I picked up an iPhone 7 a few months back. So I tried my hand at shooting Su-Lyn wrapping one of these yummy little suckers, and voila. Hope it is not too shaky. Enjoy.

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