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How to EAT: A simple Guide to develop Great Dining Etiquettes, Table Manners, and World-class Healthy Eating Lifestyle!

This book is a simple yet powerful guide that will helps you to develop world-class eating manners and dining etiquettes in easily understandable ways.

Sometimes, people may admire you for having a great manners and etiquettes while eating.

Believe it or not, it’s a great way to leave a mark behind for others to follow, be unique and develop world-class life style with the right kind of eating manners. The world will respect you for that.

Here is what you’ll learn from this book:

1.Normal and Formal Dining Table Settings

2.Things to know When Using Napkins

3.Great Table Manners

4.Use of Cutlery

5.Eating Different Kinds of Food

6.Sit Down Dinner

7.During Buffets

8.Eating Out

9.Eating Manners and etiquettes in different Countries

10 A final note to remember…

A must read book, especially if you are a person with a passion to travel across different will provide you an in-depth understanding about eating manners and dining etiquettes. This book will be a valuable asset as well as a guide for you.