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Kitchen Shears / Kitchen Scissors with Soft Rubber Grips, Along with a Magmatic Fridge Holster

Iron Gadget: Your ultimate Kitchen Partner!

#1 Kitchen Shears / Scissors for an easy cutting and scraping experience

This multi-function kitchen scissors / shears is ideal for every kitchen experience. This provides you with more functions that just cutting those light objects. Here, you can cut into poultry bones, vegetables, use it to open bottle caps and so much more.

Some kitchen scissors do not come apart. This poses a health risk using it and also poses difficulty in cleaning it. On the other hand, some kitchen scissors come apart too easily. This makes it difficult for the user to operate with it. However, this multi-functional kitchen scissors perfectly solves this problem. This comes apart only at an angle of 90 degrees which is more than what is required for normal use. This is a rather useful feature that takes care of cleaning the scissors.

It also comes with a magnetic plastic fridge cover such that you always keep the scissors at your service and not lose it or go looking for it in the kitchen every time you need to cut something.

7 Functions:
1. Scrape the scales
2. Cut poultry like ducks and chicken
3. When apart, used for can turning
4. Plastic cover for safety and hygiene purpose
5. Clip crab and walnut
6. Open Shells
7. Open bottles

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PLUS: If you are like most of our customers you will love our product, however if in the unlikely event there is something you are not satisfied with, we offer a full 100% refund or replacement policy.

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Product Features

  • ★ STAINLESS STEEL CUTTER: These kitchen Scissors / Shears come in stainless steel material that is ideal for kitchen use. This ensures regular use without the scissors getting rusted or damaged.
  • ★ MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY: This is a multi-purpose pair of Kitchen Shears that does more than just the conventional work in the kitchen. It cuts different vegetables, chicken, duck and other poultry items, crab shell sea food. Moreover, it can open bottle caps, shells and many more such things in the kitchen. This is a very handy tool to have.
  • ★ EASE OF CLEANING: This pair of Kitchen Shears also facilitates cleaning of the product itself. This is ensured by the detachable set. Also, the blade can be detached used and polished separately.
  • ★ EASE OF USE: The scissors / shears comes apart only an angle of 90 degrees which is wider than normal use. This ensures that the scissors are not too tight to pose a problem for the users. On the other hand, it is not too loose that it creates inconvenience.
  • ★ ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The multi-function kitchen Scissors / Shears have an efficient design that makes its use more convenient in the kitchen. Firstly, the product is light and small. Secondly, the shear force has been increased with the ergonomic design which helps you cut into harder objects without much difficulty. Also, the non-slip handle allows you to have a tighter grip on the scissors. Can be used for Scraping or Cutting.