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Klassische Kuche (TM) Professional Grade Stainless Steel & Silicone Flatware Tongs for Cooking, Serving, Buffet, Salad, Food, Sugar and Ice – 475 Degree Heat Resistant for Oven, Stove, Barbecue, Fireplace, and Charcoal – WILL NOT MELT – Comfortable, Balanced Feel – Easy Grip – LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – 12-Inch & 9-inch Set of 2 – Red

Professional grade all-purpose silicone tongs from Klassische Kuche (TM), a worldwide leader in quality Kitchen tools.

Made of industrial grade stainless steel and FDA grade silicone for a lifetime of use and comfort. Unmatched quality silicone tongs are the perfect utensil for all kitchen, home, and barbeque needs. Silicone grip handles provide ergonomic grip and prevent hand slipping while dealing with hot foods. The high quality spring design assists gripping to prevent fatigue and securely hold food, or any other item. Silicone heat resistant blades are perfectly suited for barbecuing and all other hot cooking tasks. Simply the best serving tongs you will ever own!

…the quality and design of these tongs.

When you hold these tongs you will instantly feel their sturdy design. They feel great in your hands. They are spring loaded for precise control and to prevent hand strain. The pull ring locks together for convenient, safe storage.
High quality rust-proof stainless steel provides very sturdy handles, ensuring your tongs will never break.

As a wedding or holiday gift – or even for yourself – these tongs make a very useful gift!

Stylish ergonomically designed handles fit large and small hands. Great both left or right-handed people.

Lockable spring opening handles are easy to use even if you have arthritis or a condition that makes traditionally designed tongs difficult to hold.

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Product Features

  • WILL NOT MELT OR FREEZE – from freezer to grill, large silicone covered scalloped heads are the ideal serving tongs. Perfect for ice, salads, pastas, deli meat, corn, bread, stir fry vegetable, baked potatoes, and every other hot and cold food that you will be serving. Set includes 9″ and 12″ tongs meeting your diverse cooking demands and ensuring that you have the perfect size for all of your culinary needs. Classic multi-purpose design with red silicon adds color and style to your buffet.
  • SILICONE TONGS ARE A MUST FOR YOUR KITCHEN – Replace your cheap metal and plastic tongs with Premium Klassische Kutche silicone tongs. Professionally designed with every detail in mind from quality materials, range of uses and storage, to cleaning, ergonomic design for comfort and feel, and prevention of damage to your pots and pans.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR EASY ONE HANDED USE – Designed for firm grip and control allowing for easy and efficient use. The tips are made from FDA approved heat resistant silicone. Perfect for any use up to 480 degrees F, including both oven and outdoor grill. Silicone grips make delicate tasks like gripping cake, fruit, and sliced cheese simple. Tips are teflon and nylon friendly, insuring your pots and pans are protected. Pull ring locks in the closed position for easy storage. Dishwasher safe.
  • QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL WILL LAST A LIFETIME – Premium grade cooking tongs are constructed of high grade stainless steel for years of use. Silicone coated stainless steel heads are firmly attached requiring no disassembly for safe, hygienic, bacteria free cleaning. Professionally constructed pull ring locks are designed for years of smooth, durable, and trouble free storage and use.
  • PERFECT FOR THE BARBECUE – Professional FDA grade silicone is heat resistant to 480 degrees F and 100% BPA Free, guaranteed nontoxic. Stain and odor resistant materials will not melt, warp, rust, bend, fade, weaken, or discolor like brands. Spring loaded construction for ergonomic one handed use. Perfect for all cooking tasks from rotating food in the oven and frying pan and as barbeque tongs for turning steaks, chicken, hot dogs, sausage, fish, and everything else you cook on the grill.