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Mudder® 13-inch Unique Stainless Steel BBQ Skewers Grill Barbecue Forks, Set of 4, Ring-Tip Handle, Heavy Duty, Remove Kabob Easily and No Tools Needed

Mudder Set of 4 Swordsman BBQ forks focus on solving the problems, make a barbecue elegant and use swordsmen barbecue forks easily. This is made of high-quality stainless steel materials, combined with the unique fork and sliding block type handle design, with easy to string, easy to bake, easy to retreat, washable, easy to solve the ordinary BBQ fork blunt and easy to bend, difficult to feed back and can’t reuse, allows you to easily enjoy the elegant barbecue.


• Unique Acute Angle Peak Shape Blade: blade is fake blade type design, can easily string the food, and can effectively avoid accidentally injure. It is the best partner for a barbecue

• Perfect Figure:Slender and flat design, stringing the food will not shake, and can string into more food once, improve the efficiency of the barbecue

• Flexible Swordsmen BBQ Forks with A Slider Type Handle:after completion of barbecue, gently hold the handle, can launch out of food, the whole process is convenient and quick, immediate opens the brigade of delicious

• Strong Swordsmen BBQ fork made of high quality stainless steel to build the frame, do not bend, easy to clean, tough, durable, energy conservation, environmental protection, to make food healthier and more attractive

•Set of 4:suitable for small party and easy to carry


Length: 34 cm/13 inch

Thickness of Fork: Φ1.5mm/0.06inch

Thickness of Slid Block: Φ1.0mm/0.04inch

Material: Premium stainless steel

Package Include: 4 pieces

Product Features

  • PEAK SHAPE BLADE: easy to string, solve the problem the ordinary BBQ forks easy to get blunt
  • SLENDER AND FLAT FIGURE: perfect tools for barbecue: string the meat and toast stably, easy to solve the ordinary BBQ forks easy to bend
  • UNIQUE SLIDING BLOCK HANDLE AND RING DESIGN: Retreat the meat from the forks easily, needn’t other tools
  • ERGONOMIC DETAILS: Notch on the top lock the sliding block and bulge on the bottom prevent the block and meat from dropping
  • HIGH QUALITY stainless steel, durable in use and easy to clean