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Multi Size 6 Silicone Lids Food and Bowl Covers – Reusable Stretch Lids Cover Wrap for Food and Spices Storage Cans, Containers, Mugs, Mason Jars and Bowls – Perfect Baking and Cooking Kitchen Gadgets

Multi Size 6 Pack Silicone Stretch Lids – Must Have Kitchen Storage, Baking, and Cooking Gadget

Are you always struggling to find lids to cover containers, cups, mugs or jars? Worry no longer with our 6 pack flexible and reusable money saver silicone stretch lids.


✔ The Lids That Fit – Perfect For Bowls, Dishes, Plates, Cans, Jars, & Mugs. Elastic and Stretchable, these versatile lids can conform to any shape bowl – round, square, rectangular, hexagon, etc. These lids can be used to seal cut onion, apple, or soda can.

✔ Non-stick, Safe, Easy to Use, Remove, and Clean – These silicone stretch lids are a great way to keep your food safe and sealed. Pull tabs on the side allow you to easily adjust or remove the lid. The four beads around the edge ensures your contents remain airtight and food stays fresh longer.

✔ Flexible, Lightweight, Portable, Easy to Store and Transport – Replace your bulky storage containers and messy kitchen wraps with these multi-purpose coolest kitchen gadget.

✔ Food Grade Silicone – They are dishwasher safe, washable, reusable and will not warp or leak. Freeze or heat they will remain intact!

What’s Included

✔ Set of 6 multi-size silicone reusable stretch lids

✔ Sizes cover the following diameters: (Stretch To)

✔ 2.75″ (3.5″)

✔ 3.9″ (5″)

✔ 5.1″ (6″)

✔ 5.7″ (8″)

✔ 6.7″ (9″)

✔ 8.3″ (11″)

Money Back Guarantee

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Product Features

  • ✮ EASY, CONVENIENT, and VERSATILE FOOD STORAGE KITCHEN GADGETS – These flexible silicone stretch lids are the perfect answer to your search for the right lids that fit your bowls, containers, mason jars, mugs or cans. These super stretch lids will stretch almost 30 % of its original size to fit any shape bowl or containers. ( oval, rectangle, round, square, you name it !)
  • ✮ SAFE, AIR TIGHT, NO SPILL, KEEP FOOD FRESH – These FDA approved Dishwasher and Freezer safe lids will create a perfect seal on pyrex,anchor,corningware,corelle, or any other plastic or metal containers for secure fit helping to keep food fresher and longer.
  • ✮ MULTI-PURPOSE – STORE FOOD, VEGETABLES, or DRINKS- These set of 6 multi size silicone lids will fit any 3″-10″ containers. They are ideal for storing leftovers, unfinished drinks or any leftover fruits and vegetables. The lids will create a perfect seal on left over onions to seal the odor or perfect seal on an apple to prevent oxidation.
  • ✮ ECO FRIENDLY MONEY SAVER MUST HAVE KITCHEN TOOL -Unlike cling wrap or silver foils, these lids can be used over and over again. Just rinse them with warm soapy water or throw them in a dishwasher. On an average an American family spends $15 every 3 months on silver foils and cling wraps. The super stretch lids will last you lifetime. Buy them today and start saving money now!
  • ✮ 100% MONEY BACK POLICY – We stand behind our products and offer a NO QUESTIONS-ASKED 100% HASSLE FREE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. ✮ Enjoy this absolutely RISK FREE purchase at this special price today.