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Seduction Cooking: How To Prepare Seductive Rice, Grains and Seafood Treats For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner?


Why seduction cooking? We believe there are certain dishes that can accompany the love and romance in a relationship. Not just that, it can also help nurture and grow a new relationship. When we eat something delicious and good for the stomach, we tend to be more open, feel like we are can add something of a value to another human being. This “window of opportunity” can really help to facilitate and deepen the relationship.

What you’ll find here?

– You can prepare special dinners, breakfasts or even lunches for your loved ones.

– There’s more to this popular appliance than a convenient way to cook a pot of rice and fish.

– We’ll help you add that “special ingredient” to spark, facilitate and nurture your intimate relationship.

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