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Shorgoghal, or Spice-Filled Flaky Breads

Spring is here and so is the spring holiday Novruz! A lot of holiday baking has been done by Azerbaijanis around the world to celebrate the arrival of spring on March 21st. Along with scrumptious multi-layered pakhlava (baklava) and tender nut-filled shekerbura, spice-stuffed savory breads called shorgoghal are among the bakes to adorn generous festive tables every year.

The following is the updated version of the recipe I first published on the blog on March 17, 2011, then in my cookbook Pomegranates and Saffron. I have been improving the recipe ever since, hence the update, so that from now on you can make better shorgoghal each and every time.

Don’t wait for Novruz to make these tasty breads. They are good all year long! Serve with black tea (some prefer sweetened black tea to go with shorgoghal). A good shorgoghal is supposed to be crispy and flaky around the edges, slightly tender on the inside, with visible multiple layers all around. Enjoy and Happy Novruz!

Shorgoghal, or Spice-Filled Flaky Breads |
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