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Sveetlife Kitchen Utensils Gadgets, Essential Stainess Steel Utensils Set of 8-Piece Practical Design Tool Set with Utensil Holder for Cooking Meals Housewarming Gift

Update Your Cooking Routine With The Ultimate Kitchen Utensil Set By SVEETLIFE! 

Would you like to equip your kitchen with the most practical and useful accessories? Meet The Complete,Sveetlife 8-Piece Kitchen Gadgets set & Enjoy Cooking Like Never Before! Designed to make your life easier! 

Can Opener : size:21.5*6.4*4.5cm.This heavy duty can opener with sturdy shape for easy turning that allows you to cut everything safely without creating sharp edges. 

Grater: Size:25.3*5.9*1.8cm. Perfect for fresh home cooking use. Grate cheese and vegetables for salad, pasta or pizza toppings. Shave fruit and chocolate to decorate cakes. Robust construction with durable, razor sharp teeth for high performance and quick results. 

Peeler : size:20.2*3.2*1.8cm. To peel your fruits, veggies and potatoes in seconds. 

Egg beater :size:26*5.5*5.5cm. Our whisk is a good assistant for whisking eggs, icing sugar mixture and melted chocolate fresh cream. makes cooking easier and more fun. The stainless steel ends allow for easy hanging on any hook in your kitchen, allowing for easy storage. A must-have for home cooks and restaurant chefs. 

Pizza Cutter:size:22.2*7.1*2cm. Slice pizza like a pro,this pizza cutter will leave you shocked with how easy it is to get a nice, clean cut through your pizza!The sharp blade ensures you get a one time clean slice and will keep the toppings on your pizza. It easily cuts through both thick and thin crust, and can also be used to cut brownies, fudge, cookies and much more!

Tea strainer:Size:24.5*7.2*5.2cm.A handy mesh infuser to scoop and steep tea with ease.A convenient infuser to give you the perfect tea brew without a teapot,the strainer is easy to use and practical.

Product Features

  • – MULTIFUNCTION STARTER GADGET SET- Sveetlife essential tools and gadgets set comes with Egg beater, Grater, Peeler, Pizza Knife, Can Opener, Sharpener,Tea strainer and Holder for stock the 7-pieces kitchen gadgets, will be the ultimate meal preparation starter set for any new kitchen, college student, or aspiring chef.
  • – STAINLESS STEEL KITCHEN UTENSIL SET- Each Gadget is well made of sturdy, durable, food safe high grade stainless steel with great meals preparation performance. Also, stainless steel kitchen tools are natural anti-bacterial properties for a more hygienic cooking routine.
  • – CONVENIENT KITCHEN TOOLS SET- This stainless Steel Gadget Set is humanized designed with the polishing grinding technology, smooth surface and graceful shape and the head with a hook, it makes the applicable time more comfortable and convenient to place.These right and handy utensils will save you valuable time and effort, to get your job done faster and easier. All tools only recommend hand washed and towel dried.
  • – SAFE AND RELIABLE- Featuring anti-slip rubber handles for easy and comfortable grip, Sveetlife kitchen tools just what you want for a safe and funny cooking experience with kitchen supplies. Are you trying to open your cans, pare your fruit or slice your cheese with slippery and dangerous knives? Get a Sveetlife essential gadgets set, you don’t need to risk anymore.
  • – AN EXCELLENT HOUSEWARMING GIFT- This perfect cooking kitchen utensils set includes 8pcs essential kitchen tools, If you are looking for an impressive yet house warming present, this is definitely it. This complete and amazing kitchen accessories pack is a perfect present idea for housewarming, birthday, wedding parties or any other occasion.