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TaiX Kitchen & Outdoor Multipurpose Knife Sharpener/Grinder, 3 Stage Sharpening System( Tungsten Steel, Ceramic, Carborundum ) for Knives, Long Ergonomic Handle, Black

3-stage sharpener keeps all your steel and ceramic knives razor sharp with just a few pulls through the precision rods. Works on any blade size or style, including large kitchen and hunting knives.

Professional chefs know that a good knife is the most important tool in any kitchen. But even the best knife is useless if it’s not kept sharp. Not only that, but a dull knife can be dangerous to use.
Keeping your knives in good working order can be tedious, though. Worse – if you do it wrong, you can quickly ruin an expensive blade.

The TaiX 3-Stage Knife Sharpener takes all the guesswork out of honing your favorite knives, with its perfectly angled rods. Choose ceramic, coarse or fine, depending on the type of knife and how dull it is, and just pull it through the mechanism three or four times for a razor- sharp edge every time.

* Triple-action sharpener.
* Works on ceramic and steel blades.
* Sharpens kitchen, hunting and survival knives.
* Rubber feet won’t mar counter-top.
* Solid ABS plastic.
* Durable handle for safer sharpening.

Product Features

  • 3-in-1 Efficient Sharpener. Sharpening, honing and polishing your knives with only one device. Save your money from new knives and professional sharpening service.
  • As Easy As 1-2-3. Just run your knife 8 times through the coarse side and 4 through the fine. The like-new knife would cut through the skin of a tomato with no resistance. Detachable system makes cleaning up a snap.
  • Safe and Durable. Ergonomic handle has been designed to fit your hand, promising you a good firm grip. Non-slip rubber feet would hold the sharpener in place when in use. High quality ABS plastic protects the sharpener from embrittlement after years of use.
  • Results Assurance. Precision sharpening angle is dedicated to all-sized household knives, consistent performance. Surely restore your knife with minimum effort. NOT suitable for serrated blades or scissors.
  • Safer Than Other Tools: The handle of this sharpener is located to the side of the rods, so your hand is safely away from the moving blade throughout the sharpening process.