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The Fine Art of Spanish Gastronomy: Discover 25 Amazing Spanish Recipes

Spanish cuisine dates back to ages ago. For many years, Paella was synonymous to Spanish cooking. The major factor for this was that the dictator, Franco, had a thing for it. Every Thursday, Madrid restaurants would prepare it because Thursdays were the days Franco came out to have lunch and interact with his people.

The 70s came, and tourism became huge in the Costa del Sol and other areas of Spain. This was a good thing in all aspects because it was then the world saw the many potentials of Spanish cuisines.

Spanish food is greatly influenced by the Mediterranean diet, and because the country is diverse, the food options are too. It is also influenced by cuisines from Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Because of this, Spanish cooking saw a surge in the importation of spices and new food items. And it was also a good thing because these new food items greatly improved the Spanish food culture.

Consider the above as some sort of history lesson.

Now, you can get this Spanish cookbook to ensure that you make customary and amazing Spanish meals which will absolutely interest anyone that takes a bite. You will explore and discover a new side to delicious and healthy food from Spain with the 25 recipes you will find in this book. These meals are great for any setting – a family meal or a party. ‘

Get this cookbook now and let the aroma of sweet Spanish food fill your kitchen, to the delight of your nostrils and your tongue.