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The Swedish Cookbook – 15 classic recipes (World cooking)

Welcome to the Swedish cookbook – 15 classic recipes!

This is a book I’ve written to let the rest of the world know that Swedish cooking exists. Most of the recipes in this book are my family recipes which have been past to me from my grandmother and great-grandmother and they got the recipes from their mothers and so on. Swedish food is not healthy food, it often contain a lot of butter and cream, but I think it is probably some of the best tasting food.

Who am I then?

My name is Martin Lind. I am a professional chef and have worked in some of the best kitchens in Sweden. I have worked with food from all over the world but for the past 5 years I mainly work with Swedish food.

Sweden is known for our meatballs and smorgasbord. Of course recipes for these dishes are included but I would like to show you other dishes which isn’t even known in Sweden anymore. Like most cultures Swedish culture have changed and got influences from other cultures. I have made some of the popular Swedish dishes with influence from other cultures such as Russia and France included as well.

Table of contents


Dillkött (Meat with dill)

Béarnaisesås (Béarnaise sauce)

Fläskpannkaka (Pork pancake)

Gravad lax (Gravlax)

Janssons frestelse (Jansson’s temptation)

Kålpudding (Cabbage pudding)

Köttbullar (Swedish meatballs)


Plättar (Swedish pancakes)

Pressgurka (Cucumber)

Raggmunk med fläsk (Potato pancake with pork)

Räksoppa (Shrimp soup)

Sjömansbiff (Sailor’s beef)

Makrill (Mackerel)

Biff stroganoff (Beef stroganoff)

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