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The Ultimate Icebox Cookie Collection

Icebox cookies are unique kind of cookie that is mixed together and usually formed into a log shape, place in either the freezer or refrigerator, then sliced into thin wafers. They offer a burst of unique flavors, and can be formed into various shapes. Some cookies have layers that add a combination of textures and flavors. Some recipes allow bakers to create pinwheel, checkerboard, and other various designs that are really pleasing to the eye.

The icebox cookie is stiffer than traditional cookie dough recipes; making them easier to work with. This is also great for preserving your cookie dough in the freezer for up to a month and only slicing off the desired amount you wish to make.

In this ultimate collection, bakers will discover many versatile and unique flavor combinations that are really outside of the box when it comes to cookie recipes. Each recipe begins with the rich butter and sugar base, then a melody of combination of flavors and techniques are included to really make these cookies pop.

Each recipe offers a theme of cuisine, holiday event, and can also be used for a crust for your favorite cheesecake or pie recipe. This collection will open your imagination to other possibilities with the basic concept for the base recipe; which consists of butter, sugar, and flour. From there, allow you imagination inspire other flavor profiles; such as savory ingredients, fresh herbs, or your favorite liquors.

The possibilities are endless once you get the hang of the basics for icebox cookies. So may this ultimate collection just be the start of your icebox cookie collection!