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Things I’m Loving: Snow Day Edition

Matthew McConaughey has an Oscar. Alright, alright, alright.

Are you watching the second season of Hannibal? I usually noodle on my laptop while I watch TV, but not when Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy are on the screen. Dark, beautiful and disturbing. This might be the best show on TV. (“I’m going to remember, and when I do, there will be a reckoning.”) Catch up through On Demand or Amazon Prime.

40 Hilariously Honest Notes from Kids. OK, some of these really are hilarious.

I Love Coffee’s infographiccomparing the calories in Starbucks drinks to the calories in junk food. A green tea latte has the same amount of calories as a medium order of McDonald’s fries?! Yikes.

Doesn’t reading that Ukraine’s fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych had a 2-pound golden loaf of bread and a bedspread featuring a naked portrait of himself make you want to go back in time and rethink that bridal registry

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