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Two simple Sea Urchin pasta recipes – Kimiko Barber & Eric Ripert

My wife and I recently hosted dinners on back to back Saturdays. Because we wanted to save some prep time–and because a lot of our ingredients could be made ahead and frozen or stored in air-tight containers–we served the same menu on both nights. With one exception. For one group, we served an uni pasta using a recipe by Kimiko Barber and for the other, I followed an Eric Ripert Le Bernadin recipe.

Both recipes are quite simple to make and both are fabulous. Which one you choose depends on whether you think your friends would prefer a spicier dish or one that is more classic French. Kimiko Barber’s dish, pictured above, is a noodle tossed in a spicy uni sauce. The sauce is quite simply the sea urchin, blended with Chinese chilli bean sauce, light soy sauce and sake.

Ripert uni butter caviar
Ripert’s recipe, pictured above, on the other hand, asks you to blend the uni with a mountain of butter, after which you emulsify the sauce with one tablespoon of boiling water. You drizzle a touch of lemon juice on the dish just before service. Of course, Ripert’s dish is a tad more expensive and luxurious as it calls for caviar to be spooned over the top of the pasta.

Here are the recipes for your enjoyment. Both of these are quite different from the uni pasta recipe I had posted in July 2014. That recipe suggests you make a tasty stock-based sauce that complements the uni. These two recipes ask you to blend the sea urchin into the sauce. There is, of course, no better recipe. It just comes down to what you enjoy more.



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