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Watermelon Slicer Corer & Server with Melon Baller and Carver, Stainless Steel Cutter with Unbreakable Pin

Now This Is How To Slice!

So it’s a hot summer’s day – the perfect time to slice up a massive melon…

You cut it in half, then start lopping off chunks one at a time, and every time you do, a river of viscous juice and a cloud of floating seeds surround your knife.

You can’t help but grimace as you realize yet again that you’ve got a few minutes of cleanup ahead of you.

But It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way!

With the watermelon slicer from Empora Home & Kitchen, you simply slice the melon in half, then use the shell as a container while you carve out slices of heaven. When it’s over, all you need to do is toss the slicer in the dishwasher. Everybody’s happy, and your guests are amazed!

Welcome to the latest in useful home and kitchen gadgets from Empora; your go-to brand for fun, efficient kitchen tools that make your life just that much easier.

50% Thicker: We use professional-grade stainless steel that’s 1.5mm thick, which is 50% thicker than most similar products. This way, your slicer won’t flex or bend when you’re trying to carve your masterpiece.

Handy Handle: People can end up cutting themselves when they try to manipulate a stainless steel device directly, which is why we included a large, ergonomic handle perfectly shaped to complement your hand. Now you can slice with steadiness and precision.

Kid and Dishwasher Safe: While the slicer blades are sharp enough to cut the flesh of a melon, they’re not sharp enough to be a serious safety hazard to children. And the whole thing is dishwasher safe!

100% Life-Time Guarantee: As with all our products, we guarantee the performance of our melon slicer for life. If anything goes wrong, just send it back for a prompt refund or replacement – simple as that.

Nix The Mess – Snag The Ultimate Slicer For Your Next Massive Melon: Order yours today.

Product Features

  • SLICE, LIFT AND SERVE: With this sturdy, all-in-one melon slicer, you simply slide the knife between the flesh and the shell, carve out a beautiful slice, then lift it out with the tongs and serve up your refreshing creation. No more sticky mess and seeds flying everywhere – the juice is contained within the melon skin itself. Sharing the melon magic has never been so simple.
  • 100% PREMIUM GRADE STAINLESS STEEL: At 1.5mm thick, the stainless steel on our watermelon knife is 50% thicker than what you’ll find elsewhere. This makes for a super-sturdy fruit slicer that will grace your kitchen or picnic basket for years. And with a comfortable, ergonomic handle designed for maximum grip, the tedium you used to associate with cutting up a watermelon or any similar fruit will be a thing of the past.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: With cool kitchen gadgets like this, it’s critical not to skimp on the simple things such as the pin that connects the two blades together. Ours is more substantial than most, so you won’t need to worry that it’ll break on you at exactly the wrong moment. Plus, the ends of the pin are pressed so it won’t disconnect from the blades, and when you’re done, you can throw the entire thing in the dishwasher.
  • BONUS BALLER, BEAUTIFUL BOX: We’ve included a combo baller and carver with our watermelon cutter, and it’s built with the same eye for detail as our original melon slicer. We think it makes carving up these beauties that much more fun for kids and adults alike. All this is packaged in a stylish box that anyone would be thrilled to receive as a gift.
  • SLICE FOR LIFE: We guarantee the performance of our watermelon knife for life. If anything ever goes wrong, just return it at any time for a no-questions-asked refund or replacement. That’s the kind of quality and service you can expect from Empora Home & Kitchen. Put an end to the days of utter watermelon messiness – add one of these time-saving kitchen tools to your cart today!